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River Restoration Project

Our commitment to safety, security, and service extends to our local community, our surroundings, and the environment.

Our new club is located on bank of the Sammamish river and will feature a walking path along the full length of our property.  The local community and our members can enjoy nature and it will provide a unique location for the club’s special events.

Restoring the Natural Vegetation

The initial condition of the riverbank far was far from ideal.  Invasive plants had completely overwhelmed the bank, choking out the native trees and plants.

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In cooperation with the Washington State Department of Ecology,  we created a comprehensive restoration plan that:

  • Identifies and protects key areas.
  • Removes invasive plants.
  • Installs temporary silt and erosion control measures that prevent contaminates from the construction site entering the river.
  • Installs permanent runoff and erosion controls.
  • Places large snags of cut-down trees (reused from other locations on-site) to provide natural habitats for animals.
  • Plants over two dozen different types of trees, shrubs, plants and grasses.

The entire process is being closely monitored to ensure that the quality and temperature of the river is not affected. We will continue to monitor the river for several years after construction to ensure our positive impact.


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The cleanup and clearing of invasive species on the riverbank has been completed!  Plantings have been put in and are growing.  The protection systems to mitigate construction impacts have been put into place and monitoring continues as the project moves forward.

If you have any questions or concerns about our project, please feel free to contact us at